Why do I wish to become a teacher? Well, I wish to become a teacher so that I can make a change in young children’s lives. Throughout my school career I always had amazing teachers. However, there are a few who really made an impression on me and stood out. When I was a student at Belmont Secondary School, I joined the dance academy. Joining the dance academy was probably one of the best decisions I made in highschool. Not only for getting into dance and falling in love with it, but for the amazing connection I made with the teacher, Lesley Conway. Lesley is an amazing person who is compassionate, self-less, and inspirational to everyone in her life. She uses these three attributes in herself with teaching as well, which makes her a teacher above the rest. She looks out for her students in any way possible  and she allows the opportunity to talk openly about anything. She is more than a teacher. She is a role model, a safety net, and an amazing co-worker.

Tiffany Evans, is a french teacher, international student organizer, and ESL teacher. She is also another high school teacher of mine who made a tremendous impact on my life. Watching the way she accommodated and helped international students was truly inspiring. When I was struggling with a math teacher of mine, she took me under her wing and allowed me to become a teacher’s assistant for her class instead of staying with the math teacher. She provided me with the opportunity to teach 3 Syrian refugees English from the very beginning. This was a very challenging job, however, it was also a very rewarding job. I taught the three of them for 5 months, and they are now doing amazing things. One is now a Walmart manager. Another graduated with me in 2019. She has since started college, got a job, and gotten her driver’s license. The third has started playing on a competitive community soccer team, living out his passion for soccer. After seeing how much Lesley and Tiffany have impacted my life, and helped me, I knew I wanted to pass on exactly what I got to other students that need a connection to a teacher in school to help them get through.

 I have helped children my whole life. Always sharing a connection with them, helping them, and leading them along the way. Previous jobs of mine include; youth hip hop dance instructor ages 3-5, 6-12. Volunteer Juan de Fuca recreation center as a summer camp junior leader, and a student ambassador for international program ages 13-16 with School District 62. I have also babysat for ages 0-14 and continue to do so. At Christmas, I volunteer at the children’s Christmas party at the Institute of Ocean Sciences handing out gifts to kids ages 0-12. Having 2 years of experience with teaching dance to ages 7-12, has provided me the confidence that I am right for this program. I have had some of the same experiences that an elementary school teacher would have, and not once have I felt that teaching was not for me. To be honest my experiences lead me even closer to teaching.

 I have known from a very young age that I wanted to be a teacher. I am always told how amazing I am with kids, how compassionate I am towards them. It has always come naturally to me, the sense of leadership, and the motherly instincts. They’ve always been there. Having the ability to change a child’s life, to support, and educate a child along their life is such an amazing important opportunity that only certain people have the ability to handle, and connect with. Me, I have that ability. I have that connection. I connect with children on a different level. I never feel bothered by them, I never feel annoyed, or blocked by them. Children help me become a person. They are innocent, sweet little people filled with so much potential. All they need is for someone to unlock that potential within them. To challenge them to see the potential they hold.