Inquiry project update

I have further thought about my inquiry and have though about it a bit more realistically. I have decided to try crocheting, as it is something that will require less time figuring out as it does not require a machine. With the sewing machine I just thought I would not have enough time nor motivation to  get the machine out everyday or  two and learn how to use it.


I will start with something fairly basic like a blanket. It seems to look like a simple pattern and stitch that does not require to much advanced knowledge to make. It requires a 5mm hook, and 300g of yarn (depending on the size of blanket you are wanting). In my case I would like to make one for a girl I nanny, she is 3 so the blanket does not nee to be big.

Supplies I will need

With crocheting I already have hooks, but I will need to get a 5mm hook as that is recommended for beginners, I will also need to get some yarn.

I am excited to start this activity as it is something that I can do to wind down during the day, that does not involve looking at a screen.

End goal

By the end of this semester I am hoping to be able to create a top and a blanket. My hopes is to maybe get comfortable and good enough to make blankets, scarves, toques, and tops for Christmas present for my family.

I am hoping to get yarn some time this week and will have began to start this coming weekend.

YouTube video I am following along with: