Inquiry Update

I started to crochet today (September 29th 2020). It seemed pretty easy until you had to start another line. My hands and brain just could not get it this afternoon. I will try again tonight or tomorrow. I probably need a break.

It was very easy to get the turning over of the yarn and pulling through each loop. I was on a roll and then the video I  was watching said to now create the next line. To create the next line you have to put your hook back through the second to last V you made. Sounds easy right? Wrong! It is so hard to see what you are doing and see if you are actually doing it correctly. I was having a hard time finding which V it is that I am on, and also trying not to let the yarn slip off my hook.

It is okay to decide to try again tomorrow.

I decided I am done for the day. I wanted to blog about the hard part today so I can feel extra accomplished in the end of this inquiry when I have made a blanket or something. I can look back and think wow this was so silly, I don’t know how I couldn’t get it.