Weekly update

This week I really tried hard to get the parts of crocheting  that I was having troubles with.

I really paid attention to the video I was watching and I tried for about an hour and I finally got the hang of it.


Here is a picture of my practice work.

I need to keep practicing for a bit before I start to make something. I need to practice keeping my stitches straight and making sure I do the same amount of stitches per row. It is hard to see where you are in the row as to if you have gone too many stitches over or under.

I have found this activity quite relaxing to do! It is nice to have an activity to do that is quite and does not involve starring at a screen.

What’s next?

Once I have got the pattern and my stitches under control, I am going to start making dish clothes. My mom said that she could use some more dish clothes, so I will make some of those. I then will move on to making a blanket.