Inclusive learning

This week we had Chantelle Morvay Adams come in as a guest speaker. She is the secretary for the BCEDACCESS SOCIETY. She told us all about her story and what she went through with getting her kids what they needed in school in order to be successful. Everything she said I was able to relate back to my cousins. They experienced the exact same thing and the school was not very helpful. It takes forever to get things to happen for your children if you are doing it through the school system, which I think is awful. Most families don’t have any other way to go through to get help for their children. I feel that schools need to update their processes and systems to be faster, and more successful.

This presentation was so very informative and was so great to listen to and hear Chantelle’s story and her suggestions as how teachers can help, and keep eyes out to find students who could use help.

Resources to look at

Damon Kirsebom “When people see me typing”  –> video

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Neurodiversity collective —> Webpage

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