Putting things together

I have been working really hard on getting ready for the upcoming midterm. I have been working on the song Let it be by the Beatles. I have  started using the metronome at 66BPM while playing to make sure I am playing in time throughout the whole song. I have started playing with the strumming pattern down, down, down, up-down.

Sneak Peek

Here is a video of me practicing let it be (it is not my best version of it, my voice is not warmed up). I also could not use a metronome while recording as my metronome is on my phone and I can not record at the same time as playing the metronome. Week 4 of practicing “Let it Be”

Starting Fresh

I have started to play Yesterday by the Beatles now as well. I have got the versus down for the song. However, I am working hard on getting the choruses down as it is pretty tricky. I recorded myself practicing the chorus for a future look back for myself once I have gotten much better, also as a progress report for my musicianship goal.

Sneak Peek #2

Here is a video of me practicing the chorus in Yesterday Day 1 of doing “Yesterday” Chorus.