For my free inquiry project I have been thinking about learning to sew or crochet.

Over Quarantine I have gotten pretty bored and have done a lot of painting, crafting, tie dying, Knit Quick- Knitting loom, etc. However, I never got around to learning to sew or crochet. I have many ideas on things I’d like to do with sewing. I’d love to up-cycle old clothes, make new clothes, maybe stuffed animals, and some presents for my family for Christmas. The other day I got a pair of shorts that were not hemmed but I liked them better hemmed, so I ended up sewing on the hem… let’s just say the outside looks okay, but the inside of the shorts… not so much. Learning how to sew would definitely be a beneficial skill to have especially because both my mom and my grandma are big sewers, so I have big shoes to fill.

Crocheting has always been something that I have been interested in learning. I recently hand crocheted a big blanket (it was pretty easy), but I’d like to learn how to crochet with needles/hooks. I’d love to be able to crochet a blanket, scarf, or sweater for one of the little girls I nanny.

How I would learn to sew: I would start by watching some beginner tutorials on YouTube that teach you the basic hand sewing patterns. I would practice on extra fabric I have lying around. I would eventually work my way up to watching YouTube videos on how to use a sewing machine as I have a sewing machine that I have never used and would love to be able to successfully up cycle/make clothing with it.

How I would learn to crochet: I was thinking I could go down the the Michael’s store near me and grab some yarn, crochet hooks/needles and maybe a few books that show you patterns and how to properly do them. I could also look up on YouTube some tutorials on how to crochet certain patterns as well.

What I love about my idea to learn how to Sew or Crochet, is that is it s relaxing activity that does not necessarily need a screen/device to be present. I am really trying to cut back on my screen time and device use as all classes are online. Sewing and crocheting would be a great unwinding no screen time activity to do in my spare time.