I have been dancing myself since grade 7 in school dance programs. I started dancing outside of school at VibeStreet Dance and was in a crew for 2 years. I taught ages 2-3, 5-7, and 7-12 hip hop for a year at VibeStreet, when I then graduated High School and started teaching my own dance classes for ages 6-12 on Saturdays. Throughout my first year of University I went back to Belmont Dance and did a weeks worth of workshops for the Advanced dance company class, as well as the Hip-Hop and technique class.

Photos and Videos of me teaching at VibeStreet:

Last class of the year.
My Youth Hip- Hop class picture.
Some Amazing Art work a few of my students made me!
Ages: 7-12 Youth Hip-Hop class
Age: 3-5 Kid’s Hip- Hop class
Ages 7-12 Youth Hip-Hop class. (Freestyle part of class)

Photos and videos of me Teaching on my Saturday Classes:

A piece I taught my students:

Videos of me doing a workshop at Belmont Dance for a year end and competition piece: (2020-January)