Reflection #4

This week I will be talking up some popular teachers you can follow on different social medias to get some good ideas.


Tik-tok has a bunch of teachers on there. However, I really enjoy this one teacher her name is Meghan. She works with elementary school kids, and she is absolutely amazing with her creativity and ways of teaching. Here account is @thecrazycreativeteacher if you have a chance to go and check out her page I totally would. She has some really creative and fun ideas for in person and virtual classrooms.


On Instagram there are many teachers that post and share fun activities and ways of teaching. One account that I really like is @misswestbest. Her name is Hannah. I believe she teaches in a grade 3 classroom. She has a lot of advice in regards to products, resources, and creative ways of teaching. She has shared some games and approaches I would have never thought of and I truly enjoy learning from her and finding new ways to teach, and create a great learning environment for my students. I also just found this teacher who is located in Victoria, BC. I thought it may be cool to follow along with a teacher who is in the same area as me and see what they do in their classroom. Her name is Mrs. Mills. It looks like she posts a lot about fun art activities, writing activities, and some resources with books, and other classroom supplies.


On Facebook I follow the Victoria teachers group. This group is a great place to get updates around/in the Victoria district in regards to COVID-19, substitute teachers, need/wanted tutors, and available resources for sale. It is a group full of majorly teachers with degrees. However, they accept teacher candidates to come into the group as well. Again, if you have the opportunity or the chance I would definitely join the group.