Quick Little Tricks

This week learning about quick tips and tricks in regards to google slides, and YouTube were very interesting for me.


I was very intrigued when we were talking about how you can slow down a YouTube video and then Carina brought up that it is really useful when trying to learn ASL. I have been wanting to learn ASL for so long now, and have never had the chance. I never thought to turn to YouTube and use the slowed down speed of a  video to learn from. As soon as I read this in the chat I went onto YouTube and looked up an ASL video.  If any of you have the time I really encourage you to start doing this. It will really help when teaching. It especially relates to what we are doing in music right now and how the textbook is saying that integrating ASL into the classroom through song or other means is a great idea. Especially when you have hard of hearing children in your classroom. It can allow for a more inclusive classroom environment.

Google Slides

I never knew what that little explore button near the bottom right hand corner did until this week< It is a very useful and easy trick to make your slides look nice. I will definitely be using this in the future. I used to spend so much time looking for the perfect design and I would take so much time on each individual slide trying to make  it look perfect. This tool will definitely prove useful to me.