Learning from Jesse Miller the Does and Don’ts

This week we talked about Privacy and Safety on social media and technology. We had a guess speaker Jesse Miller come in and talk to us about all the Do’s and Don’ts and want to be mindful of when having a social media platform as a teacher.

New new’s

I always new as a teacher that you should never have your current or previous underage students following you on any social medias. However I was not aware of the part where you students can still google you and find information on you that you may not want them to see. I was also unaware of the fact that all school districts look at your social media and search you up on the internet before offering you a position in the school district.

The look up…

I looked myself up, and couldn’t find anything but my YouTube channel, my dance Instagram account and a newspaper article that I was interviewed for in grade 10. I also found a comment I made on my Uncle’s website when I was 5 saying “my daddy is faster than your daddy.” But I am okay with this as it says the year and shows that I was at a very young age. I am also okay with people seeing my YouTube channel as I post dance lessons for kids on their. However, all my dance videos are set to only people with this link can few (so only my students that I work with and teach can see them). As for my Instagram account, I have it set to public as I am trying to get noticed by crews and other dance community members. By having it on private I can not have that s an ability. I have checked and in my opinion there is nothing that I would not dislike my future students seeing.