For my musical growth project, I have opted to learn how to play the Ukulele.

I have a lot of music experience, with instruments, voice, dance and theory. I went to a fantastic elementary school that would always put on there amazing plays, and I was in the play every year from K-6. It truly was amazing. It sparked my interests in music. I first started in a choir called VIVA choir taught by Arlene Overman at quite young around 6 years old. I stayed in the choir for about 6 years and then I grew out of the age category. I then started private vocal lessons with Overman, and added private piano lessons as well. I did RCM until grade 3 and then realized that piano and voice were more of a hobby for me and not a passion anymore. However, I still do love to sing (if you ask my parents, they will tell you they get free concerts every time I  shower).  I did private vocal, and pianist lessons until I was about 16 years old. I then found a love for dance. I decided to audition for a studio randomly as my high school teacher kept persuading me into auditioning. I went  in with little no experience and I got asked to join a competitive crew. I competed for 2 years and then I had to stop because I was starting University and it became too much. However, I got into the teaching side of dance when I was 17 and I am still continuing with that, and it has been and will continue to be an amazing experience. There is something about sharing the love you have for something with children that makes all that more special.

With having done all of these experiences, I have quite advanced knowledge for music so choosing an instrument was not easy. However, I have a ukulele and have always wanted to pick it up and learn how to play and sing at the same time with it so I can hopefully one day do an open mic night on my own.

 One of my performances with Viva choir

One of my performances with Viva choir. This actually one of the performances I was in, if you look closely on the right hand side there is a very short girl in the second row with her head turned… THAT’S ME! This night was a very special night for me as I was the recipient of the first ever “Connie Foss More “Vivacity” Award”. It is a memory that I will never forget.