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Inquiry Reflection #10

PROGRESS!!!! I have now completed 2 blankets (both are Christmas presents) and I am now on my 3rd blanket that is also a Christmas present. I have taken a break from my dishcloths to focus on the blankets as they… Continue Reading →

Inquiry reflection #9

Update I have finished my first blanket and my first washcloth. I have started my next blanket and am half way done. This time it is going by a lot faster I think it is because I know what I… Continue Reading →

Inquiry reflection #8

Blanket Progress My blanket is now complete. Here are some photos: It is a full size blanket. It took 6 rolls of yarn. I did a border around the inside pattern as well. Here are some close up photos of… Continue Reading →

Inquiry reflection #7

This weeks Crochet update this week I kind of took a bit of a break from crocheting I noticed my fingers getting really sore between both crocheting (A LOT) and playing the Ukulele. I did not really enjoy not crocheting… Continue Reading →

Inquiry Reflection #6

Crocheting Over the last week I have really taken to loving crocheting! I have really started to work hard on my blanket and I am half way done. I have gone through 3 balls of yarn (which is a lot)… Continue Reading →

Inquiry Reflection #5

Crochet update I have started on my first dishcloth. It is going quite well. I am impressed with myself as I have been able to keep a steady tension the whole way through so far. My hands are starting to… Continue Reading →

Inquiry Reflection #4

Weekly update This week I really tried hard to get the parts of crocheting  that I was having troubles with. I really paid attention to the video I was watching and I tried for about an hour and I finally… Continue Reading →

Inquiry Reflection #3

Inquiry Update I started to crochet today (September 29th 2020). It seemed pretty easy until you had to start another line. My hands and brain just could not get it this afternoon. I will try again tonight or tomorrow. I… Continue Reading →

Inquiry reflection #2

Inquiry project update I have further thought about my inquiry and have though about it a bit more realistically. I have decided to try crocheting, as it is something that will require less time figuring out as it does not… Continue Reading →

Inquiry reflection

For my free inquiry project I have been thinking about learning to sew or crochet. Over Quarantine I have gotten pretty bored and have done a lot of painting, crafting, tie dying, Knit Quick- Knitting loom, etc. However, I never… Continue Reading →

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