Over the last week I have really taken to loving crocheting! I have really started to work hard on my blanket and I am half way done. I have gone through 3 balls of yarn (which is a lot) and have 3 more to go. The blanket is going to be a full size bed blanket which is so awesome.

My Nana was over the other day and gave me a few pointers. She told me to save enough yarn to be able to go around the whole blanket after to do another few rows to make sure everything is all even. She also offered to try to show me how to do a cool different border (tassels, lacey finish).

Here is my progress so far:

As to my dish cloth I have not made any progress on that from last weeks update as I have been focusing on the blanket. My mom went to Michaels and surprised me with LOTS of yarn to do dish cloths out of for Christmas presents.