Most Likely To Succeed Film

I really enjoyed the movie “Most likely to succeed”. It was very eye opening. I always thought the school systems never prepared us for the real world. I never agreed with the standardized testing and I have always said to myself that when I become a teacher I want to do things differently. I do not want my students to just memorize something for Friday October 1st and then write it and forget it. that does not build a student as a learner, or as a member to society. However, having had these thought before I had never correlated it back to technology and its role in society. I never thought of  it in a way that school does not prepare us for the technology side, of society. With having more and more technological resources being introduced I think it is important to learn more of that in school as it will benefit the students who graduate and enter the work force.

What I loved

I really loved the idea that Mr. A said about having to let go of your ideas as a teacher and ow you would like to see things happen, and handing it over to your students. You have to let go of your ideas and let them explore theirs. You will learn from them the more you do this. Students have incredible ideas, skills, and personalities, they just need a way to find it within themselves and express it. This is how they develop their soft skills.

I love the final project being an exhibit. I love that it is something they have to look forward to and can present to others who were not working along side with them. It does not need any memorization, in order to be successful. It eve showed us that if a project did not end up being successful it is still an amazing outcome. The student can reflect back on what went wrong, how they can change things. Makin mistakes is the best way to learn.

I like how the film showed the worries, anxieties, and doubts the parents have and how in the end the parents can see a drastic difference in their Childs view of themselves, the world, and the knowledge they have gained. The children come out knowing so much more than the parents would have thought being that no tests were given and all subjects are done together not in their own blocks.

Key point/Take away

  • It is important to know that we all learn in different ways.