Educational Games

This week I had missed class due to a power outage but from the notes I got, and the video I watched I got the just of it.

It was great to find more game resources to use as a class. However I have used most of them already with tutoring.

Education Minecraft

I have used Education minecraft and it was pretty simple to use, took a bit of time to understand and get the hang of but it was really fun for both me and the kids.


For some reason everybody just LOVES Kahoot. I do not know what it is but it seems to engage everybody and makes them so happy. It was so fun to play with my students and they really enjoyed the competition side of it and the learning side.


Prodigy is a great math game for kids. I have noticed that they just absolutely love this game. I don’t think they even realize they are practicing their math skills with it some times.


Mathletics is a great game to use to assign individual math practice to students in your classroom. It allows you to assign certain math practice sheets to individuals or out as a class. Students also seem to like it as its quick and usually review. However it can get quite repetitive and boring for some who are not too engaged in math and who have quite a lot assigned to them.