In grade 11 I was a teachers assistant for the English Language Learners class (ESL) instructed by Tiffany Evans.

In this class I was given the opportunity to teach 3 Syrian refugees English from scratch. This was a very challenging job, however, it was also a very rewarding job. I taught the three of them for 5 months, and they are now doing amazing things. One is now a Walmart manager. Another graduated with me in 2019. She has since started college, got a job, and gotten her driver’s license. The third has started playing on a competitive community soccer team, living out his passion for soccer. After seeing how much Lesley and Tiffany have impacted my life, and helped me, I knew I wanted to pass on exactly what I got to other students that need a connection to a teacher in school to help them get through.

In grades 10 -11 I was a TA for the Belmont Dance Company Program, and the Hip-Hop Choreography class both instructed by Lesley Conway. I really enjoyed this experience and learned a lot from it. I was teaching my peers which made it difficult for me to become a teacher figure. However in the long run I think it helped me. I became more comfortable guiding others, and helping others with their dance technique as well as gained confidence in being a teacher.