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Reflection #10

Educational Games This week I had missed class due to a power outage but from the notes I got, and the video I watched I got the just of it. It was great to find more game resources to use… Continue Reading →

Reflection #9

Distributive Learning This week our class focused on distributive learning and what was considered an educators roll and what was considered the learners roll and then if it was considered asynchronous or synchronous. Here is the activity we did and… Continue Reading →

Reflection #8

Inclusive learning This week we had Chantelle Morvay Adams come in as a guest speaker. She is the secretary for the BCEDACCESS SOCIETY. She told us all about her story and what she went through with getting her kids what… Continue Reading →

Reflection #7

CS Unplugged I really enjoyed this website (CS Unplugged) and everything it has to offer. Having the ready to go lesson plans and activities is really nice. specific pages that were really nice and helpful and had cool activities are:… Continue Reading →

Reflection #6

Edcamp day 1 Today’s class was an amazing class. I really, really enjoyed the Edcamp today. I chose to be in the break out room that was disguising mental health in the classroom. It was so great to talk things… Continue Reading →

Reflection #5

Quick Little Tricks This week learning about quick tips and tricks in regards to google slides, and YouTube were very interesting for me. YouTube I was very intrigued when we were talking about how you can slow down a YouTube… Continue Reading →

Reflection #4

Reflection #4 This week I will be talking up some popular teachers you can follow on different social medias to get some good ideas. Tik-Tok Tik-tok has a bunch of teachers on there. However, I really enjoy this one teacher… Continue Reading →

Reflection #3

Learning from Jesse Miller the Does and Don’ts This week we talked about Privacy and Safety on social media and technology. We had a guess speaker Jesse Miller come in and talk to us about all the Do’s and Don’ts… Continue Reading →

Reflection #2

Most Likely To Succeed Film I really enjoyed the movie “Most likely to succeed”. It was very eye opening. I always thought the school systems never prepared us for the real world. I never agreed with the standardized testing and… Continue Reading →

Reflection #1

September 16th, In class we discussed setting up a website, ITSE standards and FIPPA. As you can see, I was successful in setting up the website. Not to say that there weren’t challenges along the way. I had no troubles… Continue Reading →

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