Crochet update

I have started on my first dishcloth. It is going quite well. I am impressed with myself as I have been able to keep a steady tension the whole way through so far. My hands are starting to get a bit sore from all of the crocheting however I think it will just take some time from them to fully get used to this new motion. I am quite surprised as to how fast I have picked this up. I am  trying to challenge myself with new patterns but I think for now I need to just stick to the same pattern and perfect it and really get a good handle on it.

Progress Picture

Here is a progress report picture of my dishcloths.

It is just a simple yarn over pattern. The most basic stitch you can do.

Here is a progress picture of my Blanket:

It is 100 stitches wide and hopefully with be about 200 stiches long. I am doing an alternating pattern of regular yarning over and then the next row I am doing a double yarn over(it creates more of an opne space in your pattern).