I started tutoring my first year of University and turned it into a full time job at the start of COVID-19. I started doing tutoring via zoom for students at any age anywhere around the world. I have been tutoring 6 Elementary school students since April 2020, and have been tutoring high school students on and off over the past 2 years.

I have really loved tutoring and it has been giving me an experience as to what it would be like as a teacher with finding resources especially in an online environment. I have made a hude repertoire of resources for myself for all grade levels.

I have been teaching students in Math (grades 2-7), Reading (grades 2-5), Spelling (grades 2-5), and English (grades 2-5). Since starting I am still working with 5 of the same students and I have noticed a hug improvement in their confidence within the subjects, and within themselves. I have also noticed a hug difference in memory, and motivation towards the subject.