September 16th,

In class we discussed setting up a website, ITSE standards and FIPPA.

As you can see, I was successful in setting up the website. Not to say that there weren’t challenges along the way. I had no troubles setting an account up. Where my troubles came in was figuring out how to place my posts. I was very confused on how to get certain categories up in the menu selection of my website. I did a bit of research and asking of my cohort members and was able to figure it out. All in all setting up the website has not been as confusing and complicated as I made it out. I am however still confused on EDCI 306A and the blogs for that course, as to what they in tale.

I read the ITSE standards for both student and educators, and I found it very to be very knowledgeable information to me as I had never heard of these standards. There are 7 standards for both students and educators to amount to. I won’t list them all as that would make this post very long. However, I will talk about the ones that stood out to me. For the student standards, standard number 6 really stood out to me. Standard 6: Creative Communicator –> “Students communicate clearly and express themselves creatively for a variety of purposes using the platforms, tools, styles, formats and digital media appropriate to their goals.” The ISTE Standards. ISTE. To me this standard is very important for a student to learn, understand, and respect, as it really teaches a student how to properly use technology in the classroom but also social media platforms. Now days, so many young kids have phones, iPad’s, computers etc, it’s very important that a student understands privacy of others, how to clearly and safely communicate with others, and how to appropriately express themselves on social media. For educators the standard that stood out to me was standard number 1. Standard 1: Learner –> “Educators continually improve their practice by learning from and with others and exploring proven and promising practice that leverage technology to improve student learning.” The ISTE Standards. ISTE. To me this standard is so important to realize and follow as a teacher. As teachers we need to realize that we are learners too. In order to truly be an amazing teacher, you have to acknowledge that you don’t know everything. You can learn from your students just as much as they learn from you.

I won’t beat around the bush, when listening to and learning about the FIPPA I got a bit scared. I have never really thought that deep into networks I am using, where their servers are, who can access my page and potentially steal information, etc. It was a real eye opener for me, and I feel it was important to learn and read more about, especially with becoming a teacher and using online resources in the classroom, and to get in touch with parents and kids.

To end my weekly reflection I will say what I am looking forward to learning and what I am hoping to get out of this course. I am looking forward to learning more about technology and how to properly use it in general and in a classroom setting. I am hoping to learn of more free online resources that I can use as a teacher in the future.