Today, I started my Musicianship goal of learning to play the Ukulele. I decided to learn to play the ukulele after watching the movie ‘Yesterday’. The movie is about what life would be like if The Beatles never existed. It was a very interesting concept to watch as music was not the same. The Beatles music was the start to so many genres of music that we hear now. I thought about how important The Beatles were in the music industry, and I think it is important to keep their songs alive by spreading them to the younger generations. That is why my musicianship goal is to learn 2 of the 3 Beatles songs I have chosen, and to know them well enough that I can sing and play them at anytime. The 3 songs I have chosen are, Yesterday, Here comes the sun, and Let it be. By learning these songs and gaining confidence in playing them, I will be able to play the songs to my future classrooms, and be able to spread The Beatles inspirational music to many generations.

Things I noticed on my first day of my musicianship goal:

  1. Learning to tune the Ukulele can be very frustrating. It took me almost a full half hour to tune it. It was hard to figure out what octave the string needed to be tuned to as my tuner did not show the octave it was in. My ukulele is brand new so the strings like to keep falling out of tune, even as I play. Having these things happen made it quite frustrating, but I got through it.
  2. The C chord, F chord, and G7 chord and relatively easy to learn on their own and to switch back and forth from.
  3. You really have to pay attention to the positioning of your hand, and your fingers on the neck of the ukulele as they can get in the way quite easily.
  4. You can not play the chords right on the fret bar as it blocks out the sound from the strings. You have to play in-between each fret bar.
  5. It is easy to strum the chords to the rhythm of the song. However it is also easy to just play the chords on the word that the chord is positioned on top of.


I have attached a Vlog (video log) of what I accomplished on my day 1, so I can be able to really watch and see how far I will come over the next few weeks/months.

Video (1)

YouTube videos I am following along with and learning from: