I was a student ambassador for the SD62 international exchange summer camps. I got to meet and work with an amazing group of grade 10’s and their teacher from Osaka Japan. I worked along side Lisa Spalding. I made some amazing connections with the students and experienced the joys and wonders of my own home.

I did multiple dance workshops with the group, and did a karaoke day with them. The students absolutely loved the dancing and Karaoke days. It was a fun day for them and me as well as we all got to move our bodies and we connected more as a group.

I am so grateful to have had the experience of being a student ambassador. I enjoyed every moment of the program. Each student had an impact on me and I hope I had an impact on them.

Photos of our adventures:

Our trip to Sooke Spit
Our trip to Camosun Lansdowne Campus
Our trip to the Sooke Museum
Our trip out to Langford Lanes
Our trip to the BC Royal Museum
Our first outing all together to Mayfair Mall
Our trip to Beacon Hill Park
Rio (left) Myself (Right) at the Beacon Hill Petting Zoo
Our last outing together to Uptown Mall

Photos of The Year End Ceremony:

The Group